What One Needs to Know About Estate Agents and Their Rates

When you do a search online for an estate agent, you may be hoping to see the estate agent fees. Be ready to end up being frustrated since most estate agents do not post this info on their website. Some will disclose their rates over the telephone or via e-mail, but some agents of this type exclusively share this information whenever a prospect travels to the business office. Why is this the way it is?

One needs to understand that estate agents will not be very clear when it comes to their particular fees. In fact, a study carried out back in 2012 revealed that charges vary greatly by agency, with certain agents of this type charging merely one percent and others charging up to 2 1 / 2 percent. Many call for a service charge of 1.5 percent, and this deviates by location as well. The highest commission rates tend to be seen in areas including Golders Green, and the most affordable are seen in regions along the lines of Thamesmead. In a few spots, one can see the entire spread of fees imposed by different estate agents.

One important thing consumers need to keep in mind is fees may perhaps be flexible. One in four agents state they’re in a position to work out the associated fee. One should not base their decision on price only, however, as reputation, advertising, and degree of service are really worth addressing.